224 Abbeydale Road South, Dore, Sheffield, S17 3LA
Tel & Fax: (0114) 236 5580 & 262 0293

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Being small, the Glen is as close to a family home as possible. It has been operated and run as a family business since 1994.


My father has been through a very difficult time over the last 6 months since having to leave his own home requiring a lot of attention and I cannot thank all of the staff enough for all their care welcoming him into the home since March 2018. He was previously in a larger care home and was unhappy unable to settle down. The fact that the home is small and friendly has helped Dad become more stable and confident through forging relationships with fewer carers which has enabled him to trust them together with the on hand nursing staff. As soon as you walk through the front door there is a hotel feel and this is how he has been treated with the level of service and care he has received. It gives me great reassurance to know that he is in very capable hands.'

Mr K May 2018

'The Glen is a home away from home for my mother in law. She became a resident after a long hospital stay which had left her having lost a lot of weight, at risk of pressure sores, with limited mobility and distressed. A year on, she is a different woman. Thanks to the staff's patience - and eating the homemade, appetising food she has regained some weight (not easy in your 80s) and her skin is good. She is happy and settled. To have her tell us "How kind everyone is", and that "It's like being with family" is more than we could have ever hoped for. The care is excellent at all levels and the residents always treated with respect. Choosing a care home for a loved one is a huge responsibility, if you find yourself in this position, I would thoroughly recommend you take a look at The Glen. I'm very glad I did.

Mrs B April 2018

'It was with great regret and trepidation that I faced the realisation that my mother of 86 needed 24 hour residential nursing care. My concerns grew greater with my visits to many of the residential homes in Sheffield until I came to The Glen.

The Glen is a home that really is a home. The small number of residents and the regular and well established staff team creates a genuinely homely feel, all staff know all residents as individuals as well as their visiting family and friends. The approach is flexible and protects those aspects of each of the residents’ individual preferences, their particular likes and dislikes and their needs.

The retention of staff is exemplary and the warmth and affection shown to residents is sincere and dependable.

My mother has been a resident for two years and after her initial settling in has seemed to me to be happier than in the final year of living in her own home. I unreservedly recommend The Glen as a caring home for elderly loved ones in need of full time residential and nursing care.'

Mrs L March 2018

'I wanted to thank you again on behalf of all the family for all the love and care given to mum while she was in the Glen. I am so pleased that she was able to spend her final few months there, close to her home, church and many friends. All the staff work so hard to make sure everyone is well looked after.'

SL April 2017

'On behalf of all our family I would like to say again how much we all appreciated your staff’s caring and professional approach to mum and the sensitivity they showed us through what was a difficult time for all of our family'

RT May 2017

'Thank you all so very much for all you did to keep him chirpy until his last day'

KW Aug 2016

'We can never thank you enough. I tell everyone how wonderful you are'

JE Jun 2016

'The care he received was outstanding, thank you all so much, we couldn’t have asked for more'

AC Jun 2016

'You are all gems, sparkling gems'

JH Apr 2016

'A special thank you for your end of life care. We could not have asked for more, you met our every expectation'

R & DB Mar 2013

'Before Mum came to the Glen we were very worried about her. She was becoming increasingly anxious and agitated – so unlike herself. Within a few days Mum was transformed by the tender care and attention to detail and the absolute professionalism. She was full of praise for the quality of the food and the willingness of so many to sit out in the pouring rain to share in the cigarette experience! The last three months we have been able to enjoy spending time with mum secure in the knowledge that her personal and medical needs have been so well met.'

BH Feb 2013

'We chose the Glen because of your good reputation and we are certain we could not have done better………yours was the right size as residents have all the care required while being dealt with on a personal basis………….over the past 2½ years you have been like our extended family.'

D & MS Nov 2012

'A big, big thankyou to all of you for the loving care you gave to Mum & Dad……..it’s hard to believe that Dad was with you for over two years and in that time I know be couldn’t have been happier anywhere else'

G & SK Sep 2012

'The care you all give means I can continue my life safe in the knowledge that Mum is cared for and not just "minded". You all treat her as an individual, for that and day to day personal care and all the background cooking, cleaning and organizing I thank you all.'

AH Dec 2011

'My regret will always be that we were not aware of the Glen's existence earlier, because I know that she would have found the initial move from her own home so much happier and more bearable.'

SW Jun 2011

..'the wonderful carers who ensured he was never lonely and would always try to lift his spirits when he was down………'

AP Nov 2010

'Your staff are exemplary in their daily efficiency, all performed with affection which was heart warming to experience'

ME Aug 2010

'We want to thank you all for your kindness and gracious hospitality during our extended visit…….. the Glen is truly a home away from home.'

AS & MP Jul 2010

'I know that given all the problems arising from her stroke she couldn’t have been happier anywhere else'

PR Mar 2010

'We were delighted that Mum was able to spend her last years in such a caring and nurturing environment with such an impeccably high standard of nursing care, delivered with such warmth. Thankyou to each and everyone of you for the wonderful work you do'

BP Jun 2009

'You and your staff provided Lucy with very happy and contented final years in a long life. Your care and your love transformed Lucy from a very depressed frightened and confused person into a happy cheerful and fun loving woman. We shall always be grateful for the devoted nursing and personal care you gave Lucy in her final days.'

M & DT May 2009

'I know that my father did very much appreciate the high standard of care he received at the Glen. When it became clear to him that he would not resume his independent life, there was nowhere but the Glen that he wanted to be'

RB Nov 2008

"My mother, however much I loved her, was never an easy person, and I knew that it would take a special place to cope with the frustration and anger that she felt..." "I’m sure that she was one of your more challenging residents... you all respected her wishes and gave her that freedom – and the front terrace became her domain." "The care she received was superb..." When she was in hospital after breaking her leg and the hospital staff tried to persuade her to stay for at least a couple of days, her response was: "If I’m going to die tonight I would rather be at home in the Glen, where they know my little ways, and where I can listen to Mendelssohn’s violin concerto." "Whatever Mum’s problems, I know she was aware of the level of care she received, and she formed good relationships with a fair number of the staff – she always respected the one’s that stood up to her."

BM Sep 2007

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